Welcome to Tapasya


“If your goal is to reach the peak of Mount Everest, then wherever you are, you must start walking towards it. But what if this peak was inside you? How would you walk there? Just close your eyes, and the journey begins.”

Tapasya, a two-day workshop, is that turning point in your life when you change your direction and move inwards. A master’s job is simply to transfer his energy to the student, opening the doors of meditation in their life. He can be a guide in the journey, but it is you who walks towards the unknown realm where you discover your origins, and create your future.

You are just a combination of frequencies. Some gross, visible. Some subtle, invisible. Masters shift your frequencies. It is an occurrence, which alters your mind and body irreversibly. Once the seed of awareness is placed within you, it must sprout and what you discover will be your own truth. Be open, be curious, be doubtful, be questioning. Don’t make up your mind until you experience it.

The Master does not communicate in words or ideas. He communicates in energy. Techniques from various traditions like Yoga, Tantra, Zen and Sufi will be taught. But all these are just preparation for discovering your self, and the immense power that is contained within you.